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HUs is reopening for the public from RED Traffic Light


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Nestled in the beauty of Coatesville, this stunning 20-acre property is the ideal backdrop to your next wedding, corporate retreat; or a welcome getaway. HUs (pronounced ‘Who’s’) is a boutique venue and accommodation combining modern, bespoke design with its natural green surroundings.

Situated just 30-minutes from the CBD, this inspiring and peaceful lifestyle block provides you with functional space for creativity. Its large living room and event gallery offer inspirational space to create & develop new ideas for your next project. Complete with wall-mounted TV and whiteboard for presentations and planning, you’ll strike the right balance between productivity and relaxation. Then, wake up to the breath-taking view of our backyard and the Riverhead forest.



We love helping you create special memories! Our custom built wedding dock provides the ideal backdrop for your special moment and our architecture design has all the functional space you need to celebrate with your loved ones. From DIY to all-inclusive packages, we work with you to make your vision come alive.


Great teams are at the heart of successful businesses. HUs offers the space for your strategy meetings, team-buildings, photograph & filming, and a place to recharged and be inspired. Use our large open living room to plan, our kitchen for break out for meals, then have a fun team building session in the afternoon. 


Want to get away from the crowded city but worried you don’t have the time? Great news, we’re just 30 minutes away from Auckland CBD. Our accommodation provides you with bespoke living spaces surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy a hassle-free stay. You deserve it!
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