Showcasing 6 acclaimed artists from China and New Zealand. Immerse insight sound and motion.

This exhibition will showcase three artists from the ‘2019 Chinese Young Artist Residence Programme’ (Yuan Keru, Shen Piji & David Ye) and three artist from the Auckland gallery ‘Mercy Pictures’ (Teghan Burt, Cushla Donaldson & Tim Webby). The central element this exhibition revolves around are those luscious intoxications of ‘introductory experiences’: to be at once captivated and captive in one’s involvement with something ‘new’. And as an example, at the broad level of ‘culture’, we all know first exposures are felt in those quotidian pockets between language and food, sound and taste… ‘amuse bouche’ or ‘mouth amuser’.

This theme is not limited solely to the exhibition per se as relations between things will always be ‘new’. Each of these artists in solitude engages in the densities that can be found in ‘first impressions’. An ‘introduction’ does not simply need to act as a segway to warm up the muscles for ‘something else’, they can act as points that condense and contain all that will follow. Each artist present in ‘amuse bouche’ shows this through their use of references and materials: a deep history (techniques embedded in a musical or artistic instrument, a Guqin, ink or graphite); framing devices (vocabulary of image-making mediums such as cinema or photography); and even one’s peers (lineages of display or contemporary fashionistas, a bouquet or a fashion house).

An ‘amuse bouche’ is a standard component within the high categories of culinary expertise (★★★). They are small dishes offered to start a meal to warm the palate and display the artistry of the chef. And most simply, the artists present within ‘amuse bouche’ hold a trust in aesthetics, with similar seduction to these little dishes, that lures viewers into the channels of their thought and conceptual grounds. These artists attempt to show that without empathy to seduction, always at play in individual or societal foreign exchange, the world can only be held at bay as the tasteless and unrefined concoction it is.

  • TIME OPENING NIGHT 13, August. 4 PM – 8 PM
  • VIEWING Open Saturdays 10.30 AM – 4.30 PM
  • PRIVATE By Appointment. Contact Mary.
  • ADD HUS Gallery 45 Croft Lane, Riverhead
  • RSVP Mary. [email protected] 022 053 6688
  • PARK HUS Gallery lower parking lot

Artist | Art


A mixed-media contemporary artist known for his work with installation art, performance art and his Guqin performance art. The programme will see him showcase his artwork, and give live performances of the Guqin with Kiwi freestyle jazz musicians.


Recipient of multiple national-level contemporary art awards and the most promising Chinese videographer under 30. Yuan Keru will complete a short film with local actors.


Recipient of multiple international art awards (including the German Red Dot award for Design Visual Communication) for his photographic work; will be working with local fashion models to organise outdoor fashion shoots and finish current photographic artworks.Teghan Burt:


Select Solo Exhibitions: The Fairy Falls, Te Uru Contemporary Gallery (2017); Public Dream, Rockies Window Space (2016); The Precariates, Headland Sculpture in the Gulf (2015). Additional Presentations: ‘composite for a happiness that forgets nothing’, We’re Not Too Big to Care, Gus Fischer (2017/2019); ‘501s’, (Un)conditional III, Melbourne Art Fair (2018).


Recent Exhibitions: The Orchard and the Wasp, Robert Heald Gallery (2019), Dreams, Mercy Pictures (2018); Coca-Cola Life, RM (2016).
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